Classes Available

One of the things I enjoy most in my career as an artist is to share my skills and knowledge. I would love the opportunity to work with your group to share some of the techniques, tips and tricks I have up my sleeve! The emphasis is on exploring and playing; experimenting and discovering. I have only one rule: There are no rules! The most wonderful discoveries are made when we try something we aren’t sure about – sometimes the things that probably shouldn’t work, yield the most incredible results. My main focus is to equip you with an assortment of techniques and encourage you to take them away and use them, combine them, to make them your own.

Workshops Offered:
(More details and images below)

* Art Journaling

*Exploring soluble films and fibres 

*Mixed Media Muddling

The Nitty Gritty:

(or, the stuff I’m more inclined to let sort itself out, but experience has taught me that I shouldn’t!)

Tutors fees:
$300 per day.

65cents per km; or airfare and hire car/lift with kindly group member.

I’d prefer a motel, but if I can have a glass of wine and small amount of privacy at someone’s home, I’m happy with that, too!

Workshop Hours:
9am start, 4pm finish, with a break for lunch in the day when it suits. I can be quite flexible with times, and am happy for people to keep working later, on the understanding that by 4pm I may be brain dead, and therefore, not much good for valuable guidance!

Please feel most welcome to contact me with any questions you may have that I haven’t answered here.

Here's a quick overview of classes offered:

Art Journaling

A wonderful way to explore materials, techniques and ideas in a low stress, no pressure environment.

Art Journaling can be the place that teenage diary keeping, childhood delight in coloured crayons and felt pens, and our adult need to make sense of our world, converge. 

Classes are structured as a series of four, three hour sessions, which can be offered weekly, monthly - even quarterly - or as a weekend workshop.

Art Journaling starter kits can be provided, at cost, if required.
Sessions include creating backgrounds, stencils, masks, drawing (in particular drawing faces), lettering and journalling.

Soluble Film Scarf 1 Day Workshop

"Rag" Scarf

The Beautiful Blackall girls with their completed scarves from our workshop

Create a unique scarf using your choice of fibres, using the soluble film from hospital laundry bags. Participants can expect to complete one scarf in the day.

When selecting fibres (yarns, threads, fabrics, ribbons etc) keep in mind these three points:

*Can it be washed (gently and by hand) in boiling water? This isn’t as big a limitation as you might think – it’s possible to be very gentle, and I haven’t yet found anything I would advise not to use!

*You may want to wear it next to your skin – how would it feel?

*Can a sewing machine stitch through it?

These are the only things you need consider – anything that will work within these criteria is fair game!

Exploring Soluble Films 2 Day workshop

 Stitching onto 'Romeo' Soluble film

Illuminated letter stitched onto soluble and incorporated into a book cover

Soluble films offer tremendous scope for creating unique fabric, laces and slips.

This workshop will introduce participants to a range of soluble films and fibres. Day one will include experimentation with the different solubles available, with small samples created, which could be fashioned into a reference book after the workshop.

Day two will be devoted to the construction of a scarf using the techniques learned.

Mixed Media Muddling 2 days

This workshop encourages the participant to explore a range of materials and products to create unique pieces which can be incorporated into mixed media works as focal points. We'll play with such treasures as: bottle caps, grinder discs, modelling compound, embossing powders, stamps, foils, metals, tissue, silk paper....and much more.