Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Water Skiing on the Dawson

I haven't got an interesting textile or art photo today...but a glimpse into weekend 'relaxation' activities!

The 'boys' are all waterskiers (I haven't skied since falling from a horse and breaking my shoulder blade a few years back...but that's a whole other story!) Both these pics are our eldest - Fraser, barefooting above, and slalom, below. Personally, I think the barefoot idea is fraught with peril - check out all those trees and sticks! One of them driven up into the foot at high speed wouldn't be a whole lot of fun!

We all enjoy jumping in the boat for a spin up the river - the younger among us enjoy it a little more fast & furious than we more 'grown up' members of the family!

We're having the most beautiful (and much needed) rain here today...still, a pity we can't send it south to help out those poor souls in Victoria...Our thoughts are with them as they face the toughest time...

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Kym :) said...

Great photo's Tracey, looks like you had a really good time. Fast & Furious -their young & having a good time.
Love this rain, it has been raining here all day in Bilo.
My thoughts too with Victoria, the news has overwhelmed me this week, floods up north, fire down south & the drought in the middle. Take care, Kym:)