Thursday, September 17, 2009

Silk Paper & Exhibition Opening

I've been experimenting with silk today! Throwers waste, silk rods and an assortment of sprays from the Moon Glow range (Starburst Sprays, Moonshadow Mists and Glitz Spritz...all from Dale at The Thread Studio) Sadly, the photo doesn't quite show the beautiful shimmer on the surface of these... This earthy green one is begging to have leaves stitched into it and to be made into a cuff. It started whispering to me the second I took the parchment away after ironing it all into one yummy piece of silk paper!

This looks a bit like an old elephants skin with a dusting of shimmer powder. In 'real life' it's much groovier!
Alan and I are heading off to Surat tomorrow for the opening of the "Curves" Exhibition. Remember Cherish? The artist book made from old bras? Well, it's finally time for it's public debut! You can have a gander at the other artists interpretations of the theme at the Roma Art Gallery - there are some painters, jewellers, photographers, mixed media artists...really worth a look to see how different artists have responded to the theme.

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