Monday, April 4, 2011

Discovering Beauty on Rubbish Duty

Here's what I found the other afternoon on the way to the rubbish bin (which lives at the extreme back corner of the backyard) ...astonishing fungus living on a tree trunk. The colours and matte, furry texture were beautiful. Subtle, earthy and somehow gentle. (Unlike myself, with my bin liner full of smelly rubbish, and a little grumbly about tedious chores interrupting precious studio time!)

Closer inspection revealed many clusters around the trunk. There'll be a naturalist or biologist who could tell you many useful and interesting things about this...that wouldn't be me though! What I can tell you is that it was beautiful - it caught the light and kind of shimmered and glowed - which these photos don't really capture well enough...

What I can tell you is that even when you have to stop doing what you love, to go and do what you must, you can be surprised and delighted by the things you find on the way.

Here's to delightful discoveries - may you have one today!

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