Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Glimpse Some Glass Studio Action

I'd like for you to meet Carmel - my Mum. (Who is awesome, by the way).

Not long ago, I spent a night with her and Dad, and really enjoyed a demo of her blowing glass beads.
She's been doing this for a while, but her studio set up is a recent addition to her home (thanks to the very generous man who taught her this incredible art in the first place!)

Mandrel in her left hand, glass rod in her right, heating the rod until it's molten (is that the right lingo, Mum?)

Then she twirls and twists the mandrel and the glass kind of melts onto it. I seem to recall that in this shot, she's adding a really fine piece of different coloured glass. 
(As a complete aside...do you like her 'half sucked life saver' ring?)

A quick squeeze with a paddle-looking tool, into the kiln to cook, and a bead is born. It's destiny is to be included in a piece of one-off jewellery, which could include any number of innovative beads and materials (possibly even a coloured Osso Bucco bone!)

These fine threads of glass are ones she's 'pulled' herself, waiting to be incorporated into some wondrous piece of deliciousness.

It's fascinating watching another artist bring a piece to life - especially in a medium you know nothing about... I love the translucent colours and glossy finish of glass.

Mum learned to create these glass works in her sixties...it's never too late to learn something new, to follow your passion. After almost a lifetime of caring for others, it's especially wonderful to see her doing something for her own delight. 

I hope you have an activity in your days that brings you delight too.

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