Thursday, April 5, 2012

Inspiration In Your Own Back Yard...Literally

I happened across this collection of photos today, while I was looking for something completely different (does that happen to you too?). They were taken a few months ago now, on an afternoon that was gravely lacking anything that resembled inspiration, if I correctly recall.

Wandering around the backyard, snapping a bunch of random things that are under my nose all the time - things I take for granted, things that seem terribly ordinary to me, was a pleasant enough diversion; but didn't seem to generate anything much in the way of inspiration.

Henrietta Hen, Percy Possum, Beryl and Bazza, the kookaburras....all beginning to show the wear and tear from a life in our garden with nine hundred dogs (OK - so maybe it's only fourteen*, but when they get busy it seems like nine hundred!)

Yet, I'm kind of attached to them all.

The photos have languished in a folder, untouched, unviewed, and unconsidered ever since.

When I flicked it open today, I was kind of struck by how lovely they are...

How this little collection gives a pretty representative idea of our backyard (oh, and believe me - it is a backyard, not a garden! I believe the term garden implies that someone gets out there and weeds, and mulches, and prunes, and plants, and whispers encouragement to tiny green not happening in my backyard! It gets a reasonably regular mow, an epic clean up once every couple of  years, and most spring times, for approximately one week, I am moved to plant a few new things. That's pretty much it.)

Today though, the colours and textures of this group of images have pleased me, and reminded me that I am so very fortunate to have a backyard full of such small delights. Or big ones - as is the case with this ancient corn crusher....There are some benefits to inheriting sheds that haven't been cleaned out in over fifty years! Not many, I have to say - but this baby is certainly one of them.

What are the places in your life you take for granted; the spots you have stopped really 'seeing'? I'd love to know - because I really hope I'm not the only one who sometimes forgets that beauty is right under our noses, if only we choose to look.

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Alice said...

I would love to put those on my backyard.