Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Rocks, Owls and "Pinspiration"

Do you ever find yourself in a creative blue funk, hankering for a bit of fun?
Have you discovered Pinterest? (It's only fair to warn you that Pinterest has the potential to inspire you to such an extend that you may be rendered mute and motionless, continuing to flick through ever more amazing images, and not actually doing a thing! Ask me how I know....)
This little family of Rock Owls was the result of my latest blue-funk-busting, fun-craving wanderings. The idea came from a 'pin' shared with me by my daughter-in-law Caitlyn, of a funky little owl family, much like this one, created by Carolyn Johansson for her Etsy store. They seem so much cooler than the 'pet rocks' of my youth!

A pile of stones, a couple of Sharpie marker pens in different nib thicknesses, a metallic gold felt tip pen, a white journalling pen and an hour or so of doodling; and voilà! Blue funk officially busted, fun had AND a cute bunch of Owls to decorate a shelf on the back verandah.
Sometimes we're so busy being serious and focused on 'important' stuff that we forget the really important stuff - goofing off, taking the pressure down and just having some fun. I am really grateful to Caityln for sharing; to Carolyn for inspiring; and to my small friend Tilly, who arrived part way through and created a couple of rocks of her own, reminding me how wonderful it was to be five years old, in the moment and  free of self doubt.
If only I found the pictures of enticing food and organised tidy cupboards and weight loss workouts equally inspiring! What's your favourite thing to search for on Pinterest?

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