Friday, January 30, 2009

Farewell Camels!

We've had this little camel herd roaming around one of our paddocks for a couple of years - eating out some woody weeds. Today it was time for them to head off to their new home...I love this photo of "the girls" don't they just look like they're checking out the 'manpower' guys, or something?? I'm certain there's a funny caption for this one...just don't know what it is!

Once we had them loaded in the truck, there was time for a couple of shots that are a little different in perspective...
Those toenails are really hard and gnarly!

So long camel!


Robin Mac said...

they don't look very impressed at going to a new home, perhaps you treated them too kindly! Hope they cleaned out the woody weeds for you. Cheers,Robin

Tracey said...

Apparently, they weren't at all happy about leaving! The poor fellow who bought them had a terrible time getting them off the spat on and attempted bites...poor old dears! And we really didn't look after them much at all - pretty much just let them mind their own business - they had plenty to eat and drink and nothing else was expected of them (or us!!)!