Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I've been having a play with the needlefelting attachment again...this piece started off with some cotton fibres from our local cotton gin at Moura...Some threads, painted vliesofix and nappy liner with a rubbing in gold oil paint got all worked up together, I cut it into strips and wove it all together...the neat little flowery thingie is a hot glue gun swirl rubbed with gilding wax...lots of fun!

I finished my very own notebook - with my inital on - Post of that photo to come soon!


Maria said...

Hi Tracey, I'm from Bilo & part of BAVA! Love your creations! Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging :) Hope to meet you around our art circles in the future, cheers, Maria

Tracey said...

Thanks Maria! I have visited your blog, I think - I'll have to go looking again! I had intended to come over for the BAVA AGM..but had an unexpected visitor! I'm hoping to get over for a thing or two this year - so I'll look forward to meeting you then!