Sunday, March 15, 2009


After a challenging couple of weeks, Alan & I headed off to the Cracow Horse Sports day yesterday for him to let off a bit of steam. I enjoyed the social outing, and headed off with camera and sketch book - intending to gather some images to bring home and create with...The sketchbook remained unopened, but the camera did get a workout!

Here come Alan and Flash...up the home straight in the Obstacle Race. They jumped over hay, tiptoed through tyres, dragged a flapping bag along, walked through a shredded tarpaulin, jumped some drums, wove in and out of other drums...then came bounding through the 'water hazard' - Mud splatters all up the back of his shirt!

Next was the bobbing for apples in a bucket of sudsy water before staggering across the finish line! I'm pretty sure Flash has an opinion about the whole adventure! All this was followed by Team Penning, a drink as the sun set, a steak burger and the long drive home...
So today, I have a husband with a strained groin (courtesy of a great leap forward from Flash in the Keyhole Race) and a shin with a big, nasty graze where he collected a barrel on his way past. He's hobbling around, worried how he's going to hop on a horse and muster tomorrow - the price we pay for a bit of fun!

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