Thursday, April 9, 2009

Little Bead Bundle

In amidst the dreariness of cash flow forecasts, meetings with bank managers, cooking, cleaning and general stress inducing domestic drudgery, I was lucky enough to have my beautiful Mother visit for a day - she's into beads (makes her own hand blown glass beads, in fact!), for a quick lesson in bead making - textile style...

We painted Tyvek, ironed vliesofix onto all sorts of scrappy bits of fibre I had languishing about the place, rolled paper and got busy embossing, gilding, wiring and adding seed beads to our creations. This is my little bundle, which have made their way into my handmade bead container with their brothers and sisters to wait patiently for a day (soon, I hope!) when they will be called into service to adorn some exciting piece of stuff!

As you may have gathered, life here has been hectic in many boring ways just lately...but, I'm hoping to soon turn a corner and get back to doing some more interesting and enjoyable stuff! I have just signed up to be part of an Artists Altered Book Collaboration! a dozen of us from all over the place - even the UK! - will mail our books around between ourselves, until we have all had a go at creating a page in every ones book. I am working on my book now - "Journeys" is to be my theme - I'll pop a sneak preview of it up here when it gets to a stage that it's up to entertaining an audience...currently it is a couple of old book covers, painted; and a pile of paper with burned edges and maps printed on them. Nothing too exciting to look at just yet - but I have great hopes!!

**Unrelated piece of cool trivia!.... I recently discovered the coolest, neatest thing. This site offers you (for free!) Letters From The Universe - delivered to your inbox every weekday...once a day, you get a little note - a few lines, reminding you how breathtakingly wonderful you's great!! I signed up a couple of months ago now, and can only say wonderful things - if you choose to be uplifted thus, make sure you fill in the extra bit with your name etc - the messages come personalised, so it's hard to blow them off when they have your own name in them!

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