Thursday, January 14, 2010

Altered Book Collaboration

The studio has been a bit quiet over Christmas and New Year, but it's time to get back in the groove and down to business! Along with a bundle of plastic bag beads; this book - belonging to Olga Bath, from Biloela, has been the first order of business...

"Who Am I?...I Am Who?" is the title, it's developing into a most interesting collection of visual biographies.
My pages are painted, handwritten, stamped, drawn on, collaged on, and I had a great time creating the little doorways (some silk paper there...)

The writing includes all kind of strange details about "Who Am I?"...I noticed that in different places I love the smell of rain, the sound of rain on a tin roof, and the feel of rain on my skin! I had to stop and wonder if I'd chosen the best possible place I could live?! It really doesn't rain much here! But, perhaps that's why I appreciate it with all my senses so greatly!
I found it a very interesting piece to work on - I have never met almost all the other artists in this collaboration (though I am coming to know them through cyber space) and contemplating how to answer the question Who Am I, makes one realise what complex and curious creatures we are (or at least I am!!)
Try it for yourself sometime...a blank sheet of paper, some magazine pictures, maybe a photo of yourself - or try collaging your face from an assortment of images that mean something to you - maybe write your answers to the question...I can almost guarantee you'll have a little moment of self discovery!
Thanks Olga - for an opportunity (and valid excuse!) to spend a couple of days totally immersed in myself. Now that doesn't happen very often!

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