Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New Year!

To you and yours! Hope 2010 is more wonderful than any of us can imagine!

This is how some of our crowd met the new year - A poker game on the back verandah! I'm not sure who won - I'm not even sure there wasn't a lot of cheating...but there was lots of laughter, and lots of people who are precious to us - can't ask for more. I took this photo before they requested felt - which, as the textile artist extraordinaire that I am, I just happened to have - a perfectly sized green piece...Once again my sons had to admit that having a crazy artist mother was kind of handy (if not downright cool!) I birthed the young man with his arms folded in the photo, his older brother and both their girlfriends chose to spend the evening with us - it's a joy when, as adults, they choose to be in our company!

And have had rain! Lots of beautiful, wet, wonderful rain! Last year, we recorded 117mm for the entire year - as of this morning, we have measured 102mm for the first 6 days of January! That's more like it!! One way or another, we're off to a great start - beautiful family and friends to welcome the New Year; rain to get it off to a great start...I wonder what is in store for us all? The mystery is all part of the fun - what I do know, is that I'm looking forward to sharing it here with you!

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