Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Echidnas, Floods, and Life In General

This post is something of a mixed bag - much like my life these past few weeks! We've had a son become engaged (Wonderful!). We've been inundated by flood waters, the heights of which haven't been seen in almost 30 years, and my baby (who really isn't a baby at all, but he's my baby) jumped on a plane bound for Canada - not to be seen on Australian shores for another 9 months!

Before he left, we were lucky enough to get a fly with our nephew, Jack, in his helicopter, to check out the water.(Thanks Jack!) We thankfully had no damage to our homes, but had about 3,000 acres of our land go under. A lot of it was grass, but we did have some crops that were about ready to harvest that went for a swim as well. They are pretty much wrecked, so we will feel a pinch there. Nowhere near as bad as some of the cotton growers on the river who have lost their entire crops - their total income for a whole year, not to mention the damage they've sustained to banks and canals and pumps and all other sorts of infrastructure! We consider ourselves very lucky. And, there were a couple of homes in our little town that had water through them - which has to be the pits. Poor things. The photo above is taken looking over our property. The thick treeline is the river bed...the rest is where there was too much water for the river bed! And, those nice straight green lines you see in the water are our crop.

This bridge is over the just stayed out of the water!

Now, I don't know whether this fellow was trying to escape the water or not, but he showed up waddling across my back yard - in the middle of the day! Echidna's are normally very shy creatures - it's not all that common to spot one, much less be able to follow their progress across your backyard and into a garden bed in broad daylight! He'd normally be rolled up in a tight, prickly ball if someone came within cooee of him! Thanks, Mr. Echidna, for giving me a moment of wonder and fascination in the middle of a very hectic time (and taking my mind off the fact that I miss my baby - even if it was only for a little while!)


Robin Mac said...

Great photos Tracey, are you dry again yet? love the echidna. cheers, Robin

Tracey said...

Thanks Robyn, Yes, It's all dried up now...lots of dead looking grass about, but the damage not as bad as we'd initially imagined - which is such a bonus!

And that little critter was incredible - we have seen one or two at night over the years (like 2 in 25 years!) but never in the day, and never so unruffled!