Thursday, March 4, 2010

Textile Tantrums

Dale Rollerson at The Thread Studio in Perth is organising another challenge this year. Here is my effort:

Deep Thought Therapy 20cm x 30 cm
© 2010 Tracey Hewitt

I had some pieces of canvas languishing at the bottom of a bundle - I wondered how they'd go painted, collaged and then stitched...well, this is how it went! I experimented with some mono printing, as well as lots of layering of paint and stamps and text from a very old book that I steal pages from for all sorts of projects. After all that, I added some assorted fibres under a sheet of painted vliesofix. Then came lots of stitching, appliqued fabric paper circles and finally, the swirly silk yarn couched down over the whole she-bang! There was a point (which seemed to last for a long time!) where I HATED this and could see no happy ending for it at all! Just at the crucial moment my Mum phoned, and reminded what I tell everyone else...if it's not working, just add more layers...Once again, of course, good old Mum was right. I quickly fled my sense of misery and quickly discovered the 'buzz' once more!

Thank heavens for Mums and an extra layer or two! The world is a better place because of them both!


cowpaddocksjulie said...

Looove your textile tantrum piece - just goes to show doesn't it that good things come out of bits we aren't initially happy with.
We all know the jinx on "special" horses so I wish you the best with the gorgeous new foal

Tracey said...

Thanks Julie...That 'special' girl is going well...a few hiccoughs early on - she was a few weeks early, and we had to get the vet to give us some serum and so forth...but she's all good now!