Sunday, June 27, 2010

Puppies, Photos and Pretty things, or a not-so-typical day in the life of yours truly.

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to join in a photography workshop right in my local town (no travelling for hours!) with a photographer by the name of Richard Posener. I urge you to check out his link - he takes fabulous portraits of people and their horses, among other things. He was an encyclopedia of photographic wisdom and we had a great day, and learned about apertures, shutters, ISOs and even a little photoshop. Lots of fun! 

I thought I'd share with you a few of the images from the days exploring... first, a little shot of one of Minnie's babies - haven't they grown?! Now at the 'so cute it's going to be hard to part with them' stage, I know - from extensive experience - that they will quickly reach the 'cute, but if they destroy one more plant or chew through one more boot, I'm going to kill them' stage! I love this photo - even my firstborns chewed fingernails...I guess it's kind of tender,and the light is beautiful (at least to my eye, it is!)

Richard talked about depth of field, and the 'perfect circles' we could bring to our images...I really can't explain the science behind this - it is all to do with depth of field and focal length, but the circles are there! Very cool 'bokeh'!

When class was finished, we went to visit our local boutique, Rhubarb, which, I am tickled to tell you, has recently changed hands - having been purchased by one of the gorgeous young women who call my husband "Pa", and her partner (our middle prince!). How lucky is the little town of Theodore, to have an establishment of such charm, grace and good taste? Not to mention, wonderful photo opportunities! If only I had a raspberry pink wall to hang that clock on.....


PRISCILLA MAE et al (Meg Mitchell) said...

That is so great that you are taking a photography course and you've had a first good start at it. Loved the little puppy photo. And also enjoyed looking a Richard's webpage. Very talented. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

Gail said...

Hey Rhubarb's staying open. That's great for Theodore. You'll have to have another exhibition, One with photography. You clever lady. He is such a cute puppy!!!

merci33 said...

I meant to comment on that passel of totally darling Jack's on the previous post...nothing like a puppy to melt the heart...I live with a wonderful 11 year old Jack named Valentine so I am partial...ours is a rescue and good as gold, albeit just a touch neurotic as she ages.

I'm excited for you and love the photos that you''ve taken...makes me think that would be a good way to 's t r e t c h' in the coming year...though right now I'm still signed on with Alyson...and lovin' that.

Tracey said...

Meg, I'm pleased you enjoyed Richards webpage too! He does have a wonderful 'eye', I think.

Gail, it is great for Theodore that Rhubarb is still open for business! - Maybe not so great for my bank balance though! Our girl knows me a little too well, I think, and I keep discovering things I love!

And're right, a puppy will do you in every time! I think once you've lived with a Jack, it's a little hard to imagine an existence without them! We laugh constantly at what our eldest calls their "little dog syndrome" - doesn't matter how big or mean the other dog is, they believe in their hearts that they are bigger and better! Enjoy you time with Alyson - she has so much to offer, doesn't she?

Finally, thanks to you all for your warm words!

Kym :) said...

Hey Tracey,

The update on the puppies is so cute, let me know if Minnie has another litter. I'd like another dog but I need a fence and better holiday arrangements for the four legged family to stay at.
Your photography is beautiful -you really enjoyed the workshop with Richard. What camera did you end up buying? I'm looking at a new one at the moment.
Photo's in Rhubarb are really lovely too - I love the clock :)

Tracey said...

Hey Kym! I imagine Minnie will reproduce again - this is only her first litter, so as long as she stays away from mice that have eaten mouse bait, she should go on to live long and multiply! I will certainly let you know - it's nicer to know who the babies are going to live with!

Thanks for your kind words re my photos...I did have fun with that! I have a Canon EOS 450D, which I'm very happy with. I realise now there are lots more tricky things I could lay my hands on, but it certainly does all I really need it to!