Monday, July 5, 2010

Loving these leaves...

A while ago, a photo of a piece of silk paper made an appearance the time, I thought it would make a great cuff, all stitched out with leaf shapes. The stitching was started, and frankly, it looked pretty lame and disinteresting. So much so, that I tossed it in a corner, amongst a bundle of other lame and disinteresting stuff, to be forgotten for a while. (You might be surprised just how much stuff is in that bundle!)

It was rediscovered when I was thinking about creating some special sample pieces for the Exploring Soluble Films workshop in Blackall. It may have looked lame with only stitching, but what about adding machine stitched slips created on soluble film? Hmmm...better!

Many laves (count them!) were patiently stitched on Romeo soluble film. Romeo is a plastic like sheet - it reminds me a bit of the clear, heavy plastic that school librarians were always busy covering books with. Using a slightly different variegated thread in the needle to the bobbin, some subtle colour changes were fairly easy to create. Once the leaves were finished, the whole lot went into a tub of cold water, the plastic dissolved, leaving the thread in these neat leafy shapes, ready to be stitched down on to the this case, the silk paper.

The addition of a handmade bead (foiled black fabric wrapped around a satay stick, secured, and with a little embossing powder added) and a machine wrapped silk loop...and a cuff is born! I'm still trying to decide whether it needs more leaves, some hand embroidery on the silk, or if it's fine the way it is. I change my mind every time I walk past it! So, what do you think?

It's time to go pack my many bags for my teaching (and road) trip... Stay tuned for an update towards the end of next week!


Gail said...

Oh Tracey that looks so cool!!!!!!!!!! I love it!!!!!!!! As to adding more it is a bit hard to tell by the photo. Leaves I think you have enough but as to the other, sorry without seeing it in person it's a bit hard to tell so that one will have to be you decision.
Hang on click on the photos Gail, you'll get a better look?! haha
I love it I think it is great the way it is. You are so clever.

Hannah said...

Tracey, this cuff is absolutely amazing and I am coveting it as I write. Have you thought about a series of them???

Happy trails to you!

Tracey said...

Thank you ladies! Gail - you make me laugh! It's so exciting the first time you discover that clicking on the picture gives you a better look, isn't it!

And Hannah, I have been thinking I could explore this leafy theme in a series of cuffs...I'll keep you posted - I think I need a brightly coloured one in my life!