Monday, August 2, 2010

Announcing...The Andrea Knot!

Say hello to Andrea...Isn't she gorgeous?
The reason I'm introducing her to you (besides the fact that she's young, fresh, delightful, and you need to know her) is that she has created a remarkably snazzy scarf knot; and knowing that sometime in the near future you will know how to make your own unique scarf, I thought it would be great to share this nifty knot with you to use with your new scarves. You will know this in the near future, because if I ever remember to pick up my camera as I'm beginning to build a scarf, instead of as I'm almost finished it; I'm going to post a step by step scarf making post.

Andrea and I - among others - enjoyed a Girls Night In at Rhubarb last week, and I thought it was a great opportunity to snap her in her scarf so I could show you. Only problem was, I didn't take step by step photos (there's a pattern emerging here, isn't there?)

So, here's a closer look, and I'm going to attempt to explain it to you. If the following has you tied in knots, half strangled, and not looking this swish, let me know in the comments, and I'll get a step by step photo shoot going on my trusty studio companion Audrey. (Audrey is a dress form whose name is subject to change without notice!)

So...using a long, rectangular scarf, fold it in two, so the short ends meet. pop it over the back of your neck. Now, there should be a loop on one side, and two ends on the other. Take the end that is sitting underneath the two ends and slip it through the loop. Next comes bit that makes it all cool....Your loop will have a side more to the front and a side closer to your chest. Get hold of the piece that is sitting against your chest and gently lift it to the front of the side that's at the front - you'll make a figure of eight with the loop side, slip your hand through the new loop on your figure of eight and pop the remaining end through that loop. Gently pull it into position and tighten it to where you need it to sit, and you're done!

Andrea tells me she discovered this when she had put her scarf on in the traditional slip the two ends through the loop and head off way, and had one end slip out in the course of her day, and kind of tucked it in without looking and discovered it was totally cool - it looks almost like a plait, and I can report that when tied like this, your scarf won't move or slip (at least, none of mine do!)

Andrea has generously shared this knotty technique with me to share with all of you - all I ask is that it hereafter be referred to as The Andrea Knot. It happens that Andrea's surname is French...but I think French Knot is already taken!


Gail said...

Hey nifty move! :-) Looks cool with my knitted scarf. That was the closest one. Have to try my silk ones. Thanks for sharing the 'Andrea Knot'. Just got to remember the extra move when putting the scarf on. By the way your explanation was easy and not problem to follow. Thanks!!!!

Gail said...

Ooppss!! maybe I should give up commenting, as I can't seem to type what I'm thinking without a mistake. lol It is suppose to read - Your explanation was easy and no problem to follow. Cheers :-)))


What a fun post. I am definitely going to try it but you may want to write a post on how to get out of it....
I've never seen a scarf tied that way ... a fashion award should be offered.

Hannah Phelps said...

Great instructions, Tracy! I did it, I did it!! Thanks for the fun new knot!

merci33 said...

As soon as I saw the post title come up in my sidebar I knew I had to hop over and see what the Andrea Knot is...I love it...I'll remember to give it a whirl when I pull my scarves back out again in few weeks.
Great written instructions!

Tracey said...

I'm so pleased you all understood my instructions! I was a little concerned about that!

Gail - lease don't give up commenting! I love comments!!

Meg - I passed your fashion award on to Andrea...she was quite chuffed!

Hannah & Ioana...Hope you enjoy wearing your scarves with your 'Andrea knot' in place.