Monday, September 20, 2010

Auction Action

In my last post, I lamented having forgotten to take my camera to the Theodore Chamber of Commerce Colourful Communities Dinner. Well, Liz, one of the purchasers of my artwork on the night, had hers, and kindly sent me these photos to share with you. (Thanks so much Liz!). Bit of a pity I closed my eyes at the crucial moment though!

Here are the gentlemen in action... Murray- the auctioneer, Doug - the 'spotter', and on the stage behind them, Keith, who was the winning bidder on my artwork (and also happens to be married to Liz).

Keith is holding up a Wallabies* jersey, signed by this years Wallabies side, one of whom is young man named Robert Simmons who hails from Theodore and has had his first run on game with the team this year. Thanks to each and every one of the gents pictured here, the Chamber raised a lovely amount of money to put toward their tireless efforts to support the development of a vital and exciting community. I am so very lucky to live in such a wonderful place, surrounded by some of the greatest people on earth!

*For those of you unfamiliar with the Wallabies...they are the Australian Rugby Union Team, and  Robert is a youthful 21 years old!


karen Mayne said...

Hi Tracey, I just stumbled on your web page as I was googling 'Auda Mclean' from Baralaba-after hearing an interview with her done by Jackie McKay on ABC radio this morning. I must say your page is certainly entertaining and I am so glad that I 'took the time to stob by'. By the way I'm Karen Mayne-Ashley's Mum. I had heard that you were into textiles but had no idea that you were such a talented artist. I am so impressed with your creativity and quirky scarves. Where do we go to see more of your creations? I'll be sure to check out more of your blogs from now on. Happy designing! Karen

Anonymous said...

Oops just read over my comment. I 'stopped by' as you put it. Not sure how to stob by. Hope you can edit as you read.

Tracey said...

Great to hear from you Karen! seems like such a long time since those boys of ours left school...and thank you for your kind words - I'm thrilled you stopped by (I didn't notice you 'stobbed' until you pointed it out!).

If you're ever cruising through Theodore, I have a few pieces in Rhubarb Boutique in the main street (which is happily owned by Fin and his partner).

Say hi to Ashley from us all, and I'll look forward to catching up with you again one day!

Karen said...

Ash is building houses up at Kununurra,W.A. and hopes to stay for about a year if he can handle the climate. Is really enjoying his adventure. I guess it was Fin's partner who turned 21 recently and was the recipient of that gorgeous piece of art which was on your blog.
Lucky girl. I will definitely call in to the boutique one day soon and look you up when I need something unique for a special occasion.

Tracey said...

Karen, my 21 year old is indeed Fin's partner...precious girl she is! Be sure and tell her you're Ashley's Mum when you call to visit!