Thursday, September 2, 2010

Life's Promises

Life's Promises 6 canvases 4" x 4" x1.5"
mixed media and acrylic on canvas
©2010 Tracey Hewitt

A very special person in my life just turned 21. She also happens to be even more special to our middle prince, so that gives you a clue who I painted these for!
My fondest wish is that she likes them half as much as I enjoyed creating them for her. 'Cos I really loved creating them...

I should offer a nod of thanks to our firstborn, who helped figure out the terribly complex mathematical geometry that left each diamond meeting up nicely with it's neighbour. (I's not that hard! But some days my mind is full of too much turquoise and walnut ink to think straight!)

These just make my heart happy...I hope they make yours happy too.



This is a beautiful gift to your special person. How lovely to give such a big piece of your heart.

Gail said...

Cool Tracey, a very lucky girl.
Did your paints arrive or are they caught up with the wet weather.

Tracey said...

Thanks for your appreciation meg and Gail...She is a very special, and worthy recipient!!

Still haven't taken the paints out of the pack Gail - I will get there soon though!

Tracey said...

OOps! So sorry Meg - You need a capital!!

Deb said...

Oh, Tracey. This piece is fabulous! What a wonderful gift for that sweet, special girl of yours. Love Love Love.

Tracey said...

Aww..Thanks Deb! I am really happy with this piece, and I do get a buzz from hearing others like it too!