Saturday, October 23, 2010

Avoiding Drudgery with Photoshop Elements

Because I should be doing a hundred things I'd rather not do today...I've been playing in Photoshop Elements (does anyone else out there practice work avoidance like this? Or am I truly an undisciplined, unmotivated sloth? - On second thoughts, don't answer that, I think I already know!)

I discovered some free Photoshop elements actions from Ree Drummond over on The Pioneer Woman Blog - I've been a reader of PW's for some time now...Ree is married to a cattle rancher in Oklahoma, and our lives share some parallels...endless laundry, mud and manure stained men and children and lots of food - difference is, she's a great cook, and seems to enjoy it! Plus, she cracks me up...

I used her Lovely and Soft action, followed by her Vintage action to pretty up the scenery from around our workshop shed...

I'm not sure how much 'serious' use I will have for these tricks...but it's been fun to spend a little while playing... and I love to share my fun - and my earth shatteringly wonderful discoveries - with you!

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