Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thursday's Country Life - Happiness Is...

Here's "Pa" (He isn't actually any one's Pa...but our son's beautiful ladies call him Pa, and it's kind of sticking.) I married him a long time ago. In fact, we're still married. Which I guess is why I answered the call to leave my studio and take a 4 wheeler motorbike miles from home for the purposes of one of the boys doing a quick lap to check for any stray cattle. While we waited, he sat under the tree, with his cows penned up in the square, and had a 'deep and meaningful' with Spud, while Dozer stayed close by. I know...who names these poor dogs? Not me! it's possible that "Pa" is as happy right here in this photo as he ever is anywhere. Faithful hound? Check. Trusty Steed? Check. Cows? Check. Wife close at hand? Check. Son's working alongside? Check. Yep. Happy as a clam. There's not much else this precious soul needs in the world (except perhaps an old western movie and ice cream).

Spud is probably pretty happy too...Can't say what he went chasing to collect that cobweb and bit of fluffy nonsense on his nose, but he's just had a big old ear scratch and yarn with the boss, so all is right in his world.

The 'girls' are pretty happy too - more lush green feed than they've seen for years, and they're about to have an adventure! In a minute, they'll leave their paddock and have a walk through a couple more to get to the yards for a swim...well, maybe jumping into a plunge dip designed to kill the ticks isn't quite the poolside adventure they dream of, but it's a change of scenery. And I'm certain that being tick free makes them very happy! I know I'm always really excited to be tick free...In fact, when you're having a bad day, things seem much better when you stop and say to yourself  "I'm so thankful I don't have ticks".

Try it sometime soon!

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