Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Believe Resin filled ring. 2cm x 4cm
©2011 Tracey Hewitt

Towards the end of 2010, I had some big plans for 2011. Then Mother Nature let me know in no uncertain terms that she had other ideas!

I have a New Year ritual that includes giving over a couple of long hours over a couple of days to cogitate, plan, dream and commit to my hopes and goals for the coming year. One way and another, those days near the New Year when I would have engaged in this delightful process were spent very differently!

Throughout the worst of the flooding, and subsequently, as we tackle the clean up and reclaim our livelihood and land, I became aware that I was often telling myself the equivalent of "Believe" self talk was, of course, more wordy and extensive than that one word, but there was a slow realisation that this one word was the essence of all the things I was telling myself.

So, my word for 2011 has become Believe. This resin filled sterling silver plated ring will be my constant reminder. The first piece to be created in my studio for 2011, and the first piece in a very long time I have created with the very specific intention of keeping for myself. The background is from a scan of an artwork I did last year. There is a little gold flake in there, along with my word, printed onto very aged paper.

Believe has some sisters, too.. Free, Together, Hope, Secret and Gentle.

These pieces were created without too much deep consideration of their 'words' - I pretty much picked up the words that seemed right for each of the artworks...yet, as I look at them together on the screen like that, there seems to be a story telling itself, and I like how I feel about that. These sweet babies will make their way into my Etsy store in the next little while (in fact Secrets has already been listed), but I wanted to share them with you, here, first....A sneak preview before the rest of the world gets a look, because you are very special to me, and your warm thoughts and encouragement have made my life so much richer and lovelier. Thank you. (Yes. YOU.)

Do you have a word for the year? I'd love to hear what it is....

PS. The lovely sterling plate bezels in these pieces came from Captured Moments Etsy shop, and Cindy is a delight to do business with!


Claudine Intner said...

A word for 2011? Maybe momentum. I am really interested in the resin jewelry. Is it difficult to work with? I would love to experiment with shrinking some of my collages down to put into pendants. Do you have a reference book or web site suggestion?

Tracey said...

Claudine - Somehow your message went missing for a bit! I love the resin - I use ice resin, and it's a snap...nothing too tricky about it. Have a look at Susan Lenart Kazmers website for useful info and tips.