Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Next Collaboration

The studio has seen a frenzy of paint, paper, packing tape transfers and walnut ink as I've been working on the pages for the Whispers Collaboration.

The reason that today's photo really shows you nothing much is important! This collaboration - with many of the artists from our last collaboration, plus a few more - is based on the game we all played as kids - Chinese Whispers. Instead of whispering the words to the artist beside us, we are whispering a theme, a visual interpretation of our intention, which only the artist alongside us gets to see, interpret, and then send their work to the the next artist. So, I can't in fact show you my page is top secret! Instead, I'm sharing with you what's been left on the studio bench after I took the book pages away.
Just to tease.
Any guesses as to what my theme might be? I'm struggling with not being able to share this yet...not in my nature at all. And I wrote a kick-butt statement about it this morning!

As there are twelve of us, and we each have every book for a month, it will be such a long time before I can tell you much about it at all. Which will frustrate me, because I love to show you what I've been working away on. Creating can be a solitary pursuit, and I have come to look forward to sharing the fruits of that solitude with you here. I guess I'll just have to create more of the things I can share, to ease my angst!

There are some awesome artists in this collaboration...check out the Whispers Blog to learn a little more about them!


Hannah said...

Tracey--your teasing is making me curious--but I love the leavings of your time in the studio and the idea of the Chinese Whispers game. Will stay posted!

Tracey said...

Hannah...I should have the first of the other artists 'books' this week - stay tuned for more teases!