Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Latest Scarf

How good is your imagination? Can you imagine this scarf wrapped around a living human beings neck, rather than around the not-at-all-humanoid form of the citronella oil burner? Mabel, the dress form, has been called to perform a higher purpose, which has been fine - right up until I wanted to share the latest scarf creation with you, and had no model. (I'm kind of frightened of that hold the camera up in front of yourself and click style of portraiture...basically the camera is too close, and at that range there are too many wrinkles and saggy bits. I care for you way too much to subject you to such an ordeal!)
I'm a bit excited about this scarf...

Finally, some of that lace that's been languishing in the lace box for who knows how many years, is finding a home. I discovered a great paint - on dye from The Lace Cottage, which has given colours that worked really well with this vintage look ... Added to dyed silk tissue, and a somewhat random assortment of yarns and silks - It turned out pretty much as I'd hoped.

All that's missing is a model...I enjoy 'my girls'* company so much that when I have them here to visit, I don't think of suggesting we stop chatting (and laughing and drinking wine or eating choc chip cookies) to do a photo shoot; so I'm left with the outdoor furniture to do the holding up of the latest creation.

I guess I could always ask Garfield to help me out... the colours would flatter his complexion, I'm sure!

*FYI - 'my girls' are in fact my handsome princes significant others...I'm blessed to have them in our home often, and after many years of being the lone female in the herd, it's a treat to share these baffling males with some equally baffled- by- them women.


Littlest Poole Chick said...

Dearest Tracey.

Never ever think that your words don't have an effect on other people... I read this post and immediately had to go find myself a chocolate chip cookie...
Loving the scarf!

Love etc.


Tracey said...

Renee...you are the one person in the world I can rely on to remind me of the power of my words!There's an incident involving champagne that readily comes to mind.... ;)

Hope you managed to procure that choc chip cookie without too much trauma!

Thanks for stopping by! xx

Indounik said...

Very pretty, Tracey.

Tracey said...

Thanks Indounik! Good to hear from you...hope all is well on your side of our great continent.

Gail said...

Hi Tracey
Hope all is well on the property.
Love the scarf. Is that done with your water soluble technique?

Tracey said...

Hi Gail...indeed it is done with the water soluble film. Somewhat more involved and requires holding ones tongue just the right way for most of the procedure! But, I think the results justify the effort!