Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It Must Be Spring!

There are new beginnings popping up all over the place...this is Marley, our baby's baby. Marley could quite probably have a blog of his very own. He's quite rambunctious, loves to eat, adores snuggles and swimming and long walks (sounds like an application for Farmer Wants A Wife). And I know it's spring, because his lovely furry coat is FULL of clover burr.

Minnie and Maverick have had another addition to the family...their four little girls had their first family outing to the lawn and the big wide world yesterday. Baby animals are one of springs delicious gifts.

The Port Wine Magnolia is flowering - this could be the best scent in the whole world! I know it's spring when that aroma drifts on the afternoon breeze...

And don't they say something about it being springtime and a young mans fancy turns to romance...or some such thing? A spring engagement announcement seems the perfect expression for that!
Congratulations Fin and Caitlyn!

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