Monday, October 10, 2011

Zentangle Inspired Cards

Recently, I was introduced to "Zentangles"...and my incessant doodling was legitimised! I have a confession.
I doodle.
A lot.
Our office diary (supposedly a serious business tool for recording important notes and messages) is more often an account of how long Telstra may have kept me on hold. Alan will take a quick look, and have a rough idea of how much time I might have spent on the phone on any given day. I doodle while I listen - on the phone, in meetings (which can become embarrassing when the people either side of you show more interest in your doodle than the meeting), and especially in workshop/lecture type situations. It helps me concentrate. Is that bizarre?

Zentangles were created by Maria and Nick as a kind of meditative process. There are some guidelines for creating a zentangle...which I learned, then chose to follow my nose and more or less do my own thing.
These cards are the result. I'm doodling away in front of the TV in the evening, creating some of these to send off to Bush Christmas in November.
In the drawing class I attended a few months ago, our lovely tutor Deb Gilmartin encouraged us to go nuts Zentangling, she believes it's a great way to free up your 'right brain'. The Zentangle site lists the benefits and uses to include: Entertainment, Relaxation, Education, Motivational Training, Artistic Development, Collectible, Gifts and Therapy.
All that with nothing more than a nice piece of paper or card and a fine tip black pigma pen!


Gail said...

Boy Tracey these are absoutely works of art. Clever thing you are!!

Tracey said...

Thanks Gail! They really are just a bit of fun - but I do think the results are pretty cool.