Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Adventures in Printmaking at The Bower Bird Studio

I'd like you to meet Peta and Tamara, who happen to be two of the artists involved in the Whispers Collaboration with me. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to join them for a weekend of art making and sharing techniques and ideas in Peta's studio - delightfully named The Bower Bird Studio. 

This story is a bit backwards...starting at the end, because while we were at the beginning, I was so busy oohing and aahing and being excited about things, that I didn't get photos of the serious stuff! We had been printing collagraph plates (which is what Peta is doing in the photo up there...) and decided to run our tarlaten (scrubbing) cloths through - just to see what would happen.

Yum. richly textured ink marks....

....With a little mulberry paper incorporated into the prints...

This little one is my collagraph....a plate is created by collaging textured papers, and other flat objects onto heavy card, onto which a lot of ink is rubbed, then rubbed off (a bit like playing golf, really....), until what remains is only deep in the textured areas. Squish the paper through the press, and here's the result - the most beautiful marks I've ever seen on a page - embossed a little from the pressure, lush and lovely. 

Now, Peta's were lusher and lovelier...but of course, no photos of it....the photographer was busy drooling and slobbering!

Stay tuned soon for a look at our gelatin printing!


Peta said...

Your collagraph was yummy Tracey, beautiful texture and wiped back beautifully!! Tamara and I had so much fun printing along side you last wekend....I've already used one of the relief prints I did of the Bower-bird Shelley's book, I.......then I......and after that I.......then I added some........shhhhh sorry can't tell you any more info. If you'd like a sneak peak I have posted a photo on the blog!!

Tracey said...

Hi Peta, I'll have to check that out - I really liked the way your plate printed up!
Thanks once again for a most wonderful time!