Thursday, January 19, 2012

More from The Bower Bird Studio

Gelatin printing. what can I say? I am besotted! This is one of the neatest techniques I've ever seen. Here, Peta has applied a layer of paint to the gelatin plate (much like a tray of solid jelly) and is applying some flat objects for the print.

I know you think this looks a bit like your high school biology presentation gone awry...but check out some of the results we got after laying down a few colours and objects:

Can you make out the frangapanni leaf and plastic doily? I have seen plastic doily's before...and wondered who on earth would want such a ghastly thing - now I know - ME!! (If you happen to have a stash of them - or even one - buried away from your old maiden aunt - I'd love to buy them from you!)

This is one of my favourites - a bird and cage cut-out from a scrap-booking supply place, leaves, some rubber underlay with a grid thingy and a meshy piece a bit like an onion bag....How delicious is the texture and 'feel' of this?

Another favourite - the background is a piece of tea dyed paper with a photo of Peta's printed on it (Thanks for this yummy piece of paper, Peta!) More mesh, that bird, some leaves, the plastic doily....Can't wait to use these papers in a piece of art!

My warmest thanks to Peta, Tamara, and Nanette, who welcomed me into their part of the world and shared so generously - not to mention that they inspired me greatly! 

Now...what will I do with these papers?........


Gail said...

Some yummy stuff there Tracey and fun. I've been able to print on fabric with my flat paints with the Gelatin block. So much fun. Sometimes wish people would stop coming up with ideas. hahaha not enough time to do it all.

Peta said...

Tracey, it was such a lovely couple of days with you, Tamara and Nanette! You're always welcome at Bower-bird's the gelatine printing going!!!!!

Tracey said...

Thanks Gail and Peta...I know what you mean Gail - too many fun things to choose from!

I had a crack at another gelatine plate Peta - it didn't seem as firm as yours, and 'cut up' very quickly - not sure if my consistency was not right, or perhaps it was just too hot and steamy? Used Davis gelatine, which I notice isn't included in your recipe - maybe that's a factor? I got a few lovely prints before it all fell to bits though!