Wednesday, January 25, 2012

More Whispering

This will be the second last Whisper I work on in the Chinese Whispers Collaboration...I'm feeling a little sad about that - I've come to enjoy the monthly challenge of interpreting a theme from the artwork of the previous collaborator.

These pages belong to Jen, and they are folded in such a nifty manner that I had a little trouble working out how to refold them and send them on! You can see some of the fold lines in each of the images...

As always, can't tell you too much about the the pages - just share these little clue squares with you, and tell you that they include acrylic paint, photo transfers, Xpandaprint, metallic wax, coloured pencil, graphite pencil and a few collaged paper elements. Oh, and a tiny bit of machine stitching on this one, too.

The Xpandaprint is fun stuff - quite like puff paint that was the rage years ago - paint on, heat, and it 'puffs' up - I get it from The Thread Studio - either black or white, and as you'd expect, I have both! The textured areas you can see in the photos are the result of stamping it on to the page, heating to 'puff' and then touching ever so lightly with metallic gilding wax. Delicious.

While I wasn't necessarily expecting it - I like the way the photo transfers have cracked and crumbled along the fold lines...Which is a good thing - not sure what I'd be doing now if I hated it!

My own book has evolved in an interesting manner - quite appropriately in keeping with the game that inspired the collaboration - Chinese Whispers. I started by 'whispering' my theme to someone...and it has gone around the circle, morphing into something quite different, yet with recognisable elements....I cannot wait to share it with you! 

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