Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thursday's Country Life - Trucking Cattle

It recently occurred to me that it's been quite a while since there was a 'Country Life' post here...Seems the cows are a bit upset about that... How embarrassing would it be to have that much slobber on your chops when you have a complaint to make?

This old girl is positively peeved....Perhaps her calf has sucked the life out of her - these old girls are all looking a bit bony, thanks to their calves and their lives as 'breeders'. (The fact that I took these pics at the end of winter when the feed was pretty light on will have contributed to that, too)
Do you see that funny looking construction behind the old grey girl? That's a double decker loading ramp. When cattle are trucked, we sometimes use double deck trailers to carry them where they are headed. In this case, to our other block, for greener pastures.
The truck and trailer here are our own, and only one deck high - so it looks as though the top ramp leads out into the fresh air - when there is a double deck truck, that ramp delivers the cattle right onto the top storey of the truck. I wonder if cattle consider that prime real estate, or is having a view not as big of a deal to Bovines? I don't speak fluent cow, so I'll possibly never know.

Can you see the bloke climbing the side of the truck in the background? That's my main man..."Pa" to his daughters - in - law... checking his girls to make sure they're loading properly and are all safe and comfy, ready for their journey - much like the stewardess striding up and down the plane aisle, making sure everyone has their seat belt fastened and trays in the upright position...except his hair and make-up aren't quite as carefully attended to, and I'm pretty sure he'd struggle to climb the side of that truck crate in high heels's hard - I had to do it once, and I'll give you the tip - it's better to take your heels off first! I won't even elaborate on the details of how my good clothes looked (if I had on high heels, you can be sure I was in good clothes...catching a ride in the truck to the big smoke) suffice to say -  it ended badly. For me, anyway, the cow causing me to be required to climb the side of the crate got up off the floor and things were all good for her!

I love pretty much everything about my life...except cattle truck crates dripping with fresh cow poo!!

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