Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Angels Anthology Evolves onto Canvas

After drawing lots of practice faces for Pam Carriker's Angels Anthology class, I finally felt ready to tackle the canvas and paint. Firstly, a few bits and bobs were laid into impasto gel , which also had some marks scraped into it...along with the word: Grateful.

I missed taking photos of the stages between the first photo and the finished piece - I may have gotten just a little caught up in bringing her to life, and forgotten to pick up the camera. (By the way, her weird looking eye is a reflection picked up by the camera - she actually has pretty normal looking eyes in reality!)

She's not the Mona Lisa, by any means, but I'm pleased with the looks recognisably like a face!! 
And while I don't know that I'd go so far as to say I conquered my fear (of faces); I will say I gave it a swift kick in the butt - and am keen to continue to give it a good shake up.


Gail said...

Oh Tracey Well Done!!! You go girl!!! Love the close up. It looks great.
I'm hoping to do Jenelle's drawing workshop on the 25th Feb so maybe that will be a start for me, but I'll have a long way to go to catch you.
Are you going to do the Mosiacs workshop? We have 5 paid deposits already. It should be a great weekend. Sandy's a fantastic lady.
Have a great day and keep up the great work!!! Cheer Friend

Tracey said...

Aww thanks Gail!! I really enjoyed painting her. Which is funny, 'cos I was terrified to begin with!

Must do my homework on the mosaic workshop....Amanda Whitney has contacted me about organising one in Theodore later in the year....must make a decision - it sounds great!

cowpaddocksjulie said...

That is just gorgeous. I have a major phobia with faces so I am in envy of your amazing canvas.
I just love the overall imagery of the piece - it has you wanting to look at it again and again!
Heading to wonderful Theodore this weekend to assist some lovely ladies in their wonderful patchwork endeavours!

Tracey said...

Thanks Julie! It was great to finally meet you 'in person' on the weekend! Hope you had a safe trip home!