Tuesday, May 1, 2012

More of What Lies Beneath...

Do you remember a post a while back about "What Lies Beneath"? I decided to take Sarah's advice, and tackle a series, based on that piece.... Here is What Lies Beneath #2...

What Lies Beneath #2 ... Fear  25.5cm x 30.5cm   mixed Media on Canvas
(c) 2012 Tracey Hewitt
This one began with the word Fear ... not a theme typical of my work, yet exactly what this series needed to tackle head on. The original word is totally obliterated - which feels like a good thing, yet the piece has a  dark and broody feel about it. I'm quite uncertain what the face in the top left corner is about - but he was there, and refused to leave! Does he freak you out a bit, or is it just me? (and by the way, don't ask me why he's a 'he' with such red lips...but there's no doubting it in my mind!)
Even the birds, which to me are a symbol of freedom and lightness, have a heavy, menacing sense to them....
I'm not too sure how I feel about this piece - 

What Lies Beneath #2 ...Fear - Detail 
(c) 2012 Tracey Hewitt
Except that it feels important to have created it. I'd love to hear what you think of it - love it or hate it?


Anonymous said...


I love this one. It is a ver open and honest piece. I like that. Have a look at the link below an artist my mum went to school with. Her work is raw and graphic so honest it is beautiful. It makes you want to sit her down and say 'honey are you ok'

anyway have a look.



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