Monday, June 15, 2015

She Could Be Anywhere - Art Journal Page
©2015 Tracey Hewitt
 For some inexplicable reason - known only to the Gods of confusion - things have been chaotic here for the past couple of weeks.  New babies, growing babies, special visitors, annual reviews, feeding the multitudes, tax provisions, weaning calves, birthdays, unexpected departures, physiotherapy, coaching sessions, and home butchering - are just a few of the things that have landed on my plate lately. 

So it felt really wonderful to claim an hour in the studio and let it all pour out onto the page.

This little lovely has a background of acrylic paint and torn book pages on watercolour paper, while she herself has been brought to life with Prismacolour Pencils. 

Sometimes, when I feel like I'm done with the drawing, some words will want to be added to the page. 

"She could be anywhere... and she chooses here... with her heart in her throat"

are the words that fell out of the white paint pen and onto the page. (Have I ever told you how much I adore that Sharpie white paint marker pen? It's a cracker!) And, while this face was never intended to be me; those words feel like they belong to me this week. Of all the places I might ever have ended up; I am here. I choose here. Even when things are hectic and demanding. Even when I struggle to find time for the things I need to do; much less the things I long to do. Here is where I choose to be. 
Even when my heart is in my throat. I still choose here. 


Gail said...

Oh Tracey you have such a way with words and your lovely is beautiful!!
Thanks for sharing some of your time and creativity over the last while and through all your happenings. Just know that is was very much appreciated and enjoyed immensely. Thank you!! 💕😊

Tracey Hewitt said...

So pleased you enjoyed it all, Gail! I loved having you along:-)
Thanks for your enthusiasm and encouragement - I appreciate that!

(And Blogger has once again missed sending me your comment...Off to check in the settings yet again to make sure I get notification of a comment here... not sure what happens!)