Friday, January 9, 2009

Christmas Cones

These are the Christmas Cones I made as gifts this Christmas, inspired by a magazine article in Quilting Arts Gifts by Ruth Rae.

I had a great time with these, dragging out old laces of my Nana's, tearing up ancient pieces of sheet music and using sequins, feathers (from the curious little Guinea Fowl that run around the place here, and terrorise our cat) and whatever else I could lay my hands on. When I had all the bits together, I free machine embroidered all over and then decorated with braids, beads and long abandoned pieces of jewellry...the little pearly flower thingie here was a refugee earing from the 1980's... it's true, if you hold on to something long enough...


fleuranderson said...

Congratulations on the Blog Tracey - its fabulous! An exciting start to 2009!
The cones are beautiful - love the sheet music in there.
Cant wait to see more!

Tracey said...

Thanks Fleur!! Not sure that it's as big a start to the New Year as you & Kirk are about to have! Good luck with bringing a new life into the world...can hardly wait to meet him/her!