Saturday, January 10, 2009

"Mum, we found something for you..."

I guess many Mums wouldn't be terribly touched if their boys brought them home one of these....They found this discarded snake skin hanging in a tree while they were out mustering, and felt certain their Mum would use it in some piece of art somehow - I love it when they think of me so!! It is quite fascinating and translucent and very tactile. I am awed by the completeness of it - even it's nasty little snake eye skin is intact...It really grosses me out though!! I'm sure there are a squillion things I could do with it...but can I bring myself to handle it? Meantime, it's kind of just laying around, freaking out everyone who happens past..especially Maverick the Jack Russell Terrier, who sniffed and looked, and really wanted to jump up on the table where it was so he could get a closer look!

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