Friday, January 16, 2009

"Connections" Embellisher Challenge

Among other things, this year I plan to enter a few challenges and competitions. So, I'm kicking off with the "Connections" Embellisher Challenge.

Dale Rollerson at the thread studio has this challenge on her website.
Here's the base layer, all felted together with nasty looking barbed needles on the attachment for my sewing machine...I so don't want to be getting one of my fingers caught up under those mean little suckers!!! I loved this bit like it is - very glowing, with a bit of gold sparkle...was hard to move on and do more...

But, I bravely soldiered on, and here is the result, pictured with the beads and label which still have to be attached before I can send it off on it's small adventure! It's headed to Perth and then, hopefully, onto Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and London...lucky little bundle of stuff!!!
I think my favourite bit is the heart I felted onto an old piece of woollen blanket with an assortment of silk fibres...and another refugee from the '80's jewellry box...I adore the colours!!!


Robin Mac said...

Love the colours in this piece - hope I get to see it in Brisbane. I chickened out and didn't send a piece. Cheers, Robin

Tracey said...

Thanks Robin! I hope to get to Brisbane too, when it gets a little closer and I know for sure, we might be able to organise a catch up in amongst it all somewhere!

Kym :) said...

Hi Tracey,
What a great surprise to return home from McGregor and find your New Blog-Congratulations.
Love the work you have done, not to sure about the snake but gorgeous photo...
That new camera is going to busy.
Well Done, what a great start to 2009.
Received your Ladybird Postcard also it's beautiful.
Take Care - Having fun with ART'09,
Love Kym :)

Tracey said...

Thanks Kym! I think they desensitised me to the snake skin...I can touch it without being totally grossed out now! Pleased you liked your Postcard - I had lots of fun doing that one! Hope you enjoyed McGregor...Will have to catch up and hear all about it!

Gail said...

Hi Tracey,
Enjoyed looking at your blog. Boy you're a clever girl. Congratulations on your challenge piece it looks wonderful and the hours of work in that phew!!!!!

Tracey said...

Hi Gail!
Thanks - I was really pleased with it in the end too. Plus it was lots of fun... The beads (which aren't on in the picture took AGES!)
Take care,