Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Postcard Collaboration

I've been involved in a "Postcard Collaboration" for most of last year...we all took a little time off over the silly season, but I hauled out my bundle and began working on them again the other day. This one is Peta's card - the overall theme Through the Eyes of a Child and this round Nightmares. Those amazing little eyes belong to my Finley when he was much smaller!
And Rochelle's Moving Into Stillness This one has some cotton scrim and tiny beads along with a hot glue gun swirl that I'd rubbed with gilding wax.
These are great fun - there are 7 of us in each group, and we mail out our postcards with some start made on them, and a theme, and work on everyone elses then mail them back home. I've Just put the finishing touches on a couple more...more photos to come! You can check out more here. It's been a great way to try out different techniques and media and stretch a little - Working to someone else's theme can be challenging, but I've discovered also quite liberating!

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