Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Journal for Mandy

My "Cousin in Law" and friend, Mandy, lost her lovely Mum a couple of weeks ago. I set about covering a journal for write her reminiscences, or whatever she pleases, as she experiences life without her Mum.

The cover is "fabric paper" - a technique Beryl Taylor has written about in her book "Mixed Media Explorations". I have layered some very old sheet music (Norma loved to sing), aged card and a transparency image; as well as adding some paper punched daisies, with coloured brads for centres. Across the top run the words:

reminisce (rem'.e.nis) to think, talk, or write about remembered events, usually with fondness

Seemed totally appropriate!

I've been hard at work on the Altered Book. I have actually managed to construct a real book from the covers of an old book; made pages from watercolour paper, printed with maps and the edges burned; which I tied together with painted satay sticks all lashed to the spines of the pages...It's not quite ready for it's glamour photo session, but is getting quite close. Lots and lots of fun!

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