Monday, October 12, 2009

The Next Installment

Well, the soluble film has been washed out of all that stitching...and, I was's perfectly gutless, as you can see! Pretty in it's own way, but gutless! So, next step will be to come up with a firm base to anchor it down onto...I'm thinking maybe felt with a layer of painted vliesofix...?
In the base, lots and lots of snippets of threads and fibres and yarns and fabrics, some gold flake, all covered with a layer of chiffon...and machine stitched within an inch of it's life! This one is developing with a much more appropriate weight for a belt...looks promising!
But, for now, the men are all back for lunch...with more poddy calves in tow!! I might have to post a pic of them at 'dinnertime'...hungry little critters, and so cute! We have Sheila, Spanky, Cleatus...and the new babies are still to be named...Oh my!

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