Friday, December 11, 2009

Horses...Some of my favourite people!

There are thousands of wonderful things about my life. One of my most favourite though, is that I can look out my window and see these... Some wise old bloke (I think it was Winston Churchill...but don't quote me on that!) said that there is something about the outside of a horse that's good for the inside of a man. And he was right...they are soothing, soulful creatures who seem to help you find your place in this crazy mixed up world. At least, I think they are! I haven't 'swung a leg over' one for a few years now...long story, which involved pain, broken bones, an ambulance and a very protracted recovery time! I made the decision to hang up my saddle after that episode (much to the dismay of my men know the old saying - when you fall off you get right back on...) But, I am certain my life is no less rich without sitting astride. It would, however, be very much less rich with out having these darlings to watch and wander out to talk to and nuzzle with...

I'm sure those eyes know all the secrets of the universe!


Peta said...

They are adorable Tracey....... those beautiful big, brown and gentle eyes, very knowing and very wise!!
Hope you're keeping well and happy! I've been busy moving into my new studio space, check it out on the altered Book Collaboration Blog!

Tracey said...

I love the look of your "Bower Bird" Studio! And, I'm inspired to give mine a name...just no inspiration for what that might be just yet! It will come, I feel sure...I am a bit envious of all your space...and certain you'll create wonderful stuff in there (although, I think you are clever enough to create wonderful stuff in a broom cupboard if you had to!!
Happy New Year! May it be full of wonderful things!