Saturday, December 5, 2009

A New Studio and A New Etsy Store!

It's all been happening here! My 'middle' prince decided it was time he flew the coop...OK so, a house 100 metres from mine isn't such a migration, but, it still left me with an abandoned bedroom to walk past a dozen times a day and a little sad feeling (this nest is emptying...sort of!). So, I decided instead of feeling melancholy, I could reclaim the space as a studio of my very own! So here it is - all tidy and neat and ordered - won't take me long to fix that!
All that remains is for me to make our office look like an office again - my art stuff was really taking over this room...and it was getting challenging paying bills and other serious office type jobs with spools of thread, and painted papers out to dry littering the desk!
On top of all that activity - I have finally opened my Etsy Store! This is something I have been intending to do all year, and I am feeling very chuffed with myself to have finally done it! I listed a whole 4 items for sale yesterday! There is much more to come, but it feels so good to have made the start. You can click on the thumbnails to the right to go directly to the item listings (nifty hey?!- actually, it' not so unusual...but what is unusual is that I worked out how to do it all by myself!) Etsy, for the uninitiated, is an online marketplace of handmade items...a little like ebay, without the auctions, and all handcrafted, unique, unusual stuff. There are thousands of 'stores' just like mine - a treasure trove of wonders! You can shop by location, colour, category and loads more - check it out - it's fun!

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Peta said...

Your new studio space looks wonderful Tracey, let me know how long it takes you to get it looking like it's been 'lived' in!!!
Congratulations on getting your Etsy shop up, I'm off to check out what you have for sale right now!!