Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bush Christmas Sneak Preview!

Here is a shot of a corner of my office/studio, where my creations for Bush Christmas await a date with bubble wrap and tissue paper. It's been a frenzy of paint, thread, glue, paper, silk, bottle caps, grinder discs, embossing powder, sticks, wire, beads and more!

This little darling is constructed from silk paper that has been free machine embroidered, and adorned with a clasp created from an abandoned piece of 1980's jewelry (the 1980's are a treasure trove of funky stuff that was probably awful jewelry, but make great features and focal points!)

I think this might be my favourite piece..painted, stamped Khadi paper with a free machine stitched slip of a Fleur-de-Lis. The disc is a beer bottle cap, flattened out and taken to with metallic paint and embossing powders...(sorry about the cloudy patch on the photo - I had it all framed up, under glass - then tried to take the photo...always a challenge!)

Finally, the last stage of the 'work in progress' I started here a while back. The loose, lacy, net-like piece bonded nicely to a base of felt which had painted vliesofix applied, it received some more stitching to anchor it down, along with a tiny shimmer of metallic foil. The neat silk lining fabric has been languishing in a box for years - A cast off from my Grandmother, and just perfect for this belt!
The packing and paperwork are waiting...but before I go...if you're anywhere near Toowoomba, Queensland from the 20th to the 28th November, call in to the Masonic Centre in Neil Street and check out the amazing work on offer from creative types all over rural Queensland and New South Wales... I love being associated with Bush Christmas - it is such a rare and wonderful opportunity for the world to see what artists beyond the city limits are creating in sheds, spare rooms and sometimes even backyards! I am privileged to be in such illustrious company! The Bush Christmas website has all the details.


Alison said...

Dear Tracy,

Did you make it to the bush Christmas? I was very sorry not to make it again this year; there always seem to be too much happening. I hope your work was well-received: it is absolutely stunning. I will look forward to your 'Rhubarb' gallery coming online. Am hoping I might tempt you to make more 'shopping bag' necklaces -- especially in children's sizing -- I know a couple of beautiful princesses who would treasure them.

Look forward to reading your next update -- I hope to pop in from time to time, if that's okay? Take care, best wishes, Alison

Janelle said...

Hi Tracey
I saw your work at Bush Christmas today and loved it! I was very tempted to buy one or two of your pieces, but I was a good girl (in my books!) and resisted. I'm currently an art student at TAFE and found your work very inspiring as I'm keen to experiment with textiles and recycling bits and pieces. Thanks for the opportunity to see your fantastic work - photography just doesn't capture it the way your eye does in real life!

Tracey said...

Alison...I love that you pop in now and again! And don't worry...I didn't get to Bush Christmas either! I had great hopes, but, as you say, so much happening (an interminable dry spell is wreaking havoc in our little lives just now!) Rhubarb is actually a boutique owned by a local Theodore girl - she has created a gallery space there for a roster of artists - she has a featured artist once a month, and I was lucky enough to be it for October. It's a great and gorgeous little shop. My work won't be on her website when she gets it back up though. If you would like a couple of necklaces, email me at and we'll organise it!

And Janelle! Thank you for your kind words! I'm so happy you enjoyed meeting my work 'in person' are so right - photos simply don't capture the feel of the pieces do they?
Good luck with your TAFE course...Have a look at the ATASDA )Australian Textile Arts and Surface Design Association) site:, some interesting artists and links there, also, my favourite magazines are Cloth Paper Scissors, and Quilting Arts both US publications, but full of great work and techniques. Both are published by Interweave Press, and they have a super website too: Have fun!

And thanks for taking the time to leave your lovely comment here!