Saturday, October 30, 2010

New Gallery Page - All The Art In One Place

Meet Garfield - or 'Garfie' to those of us who know and love him. He works really hard. See?
It's rumoured that he can heal a broken heart, and our middle Prince's special girl has suggested to Garfie that he run workshops on how to be the perfect man. (I did point out that for all Garfie's ability to make a girl feel like the only woman on earth he cares for - he does have trouble taking out the garbage).

While Garfie has been working flat out for his fellow man, I've spent the morning creating a gallery page here on my happy little blog. Lots of images of my artwork all in one place. There are a couple of links to the stories behind pieces and step by step lessons, so the background of the pieces is easy to find.

You can access the Gallery page in the "Gallery" tab across the top of the page here. Hope you like it! I'm also contemplating adding some more pages over the next little while - so if you have any suggestions for special pages you'd enjoy to look at here, shout out in the comments and I'll see what we can do.


Hannah said...

Tracey--I'm so glad you've added another page to your blog. I've been wondering about the stand alone pages and your gorgeous page has convinced me it is a good idea. I like how you've highlighted your pieces with descriptions and options for more about the piece if the viewer desires. I'll be coming back to peruse this at my leisure! Your photos are sumptuous!

Tracey said...

Thanks for your kind words Hannah! I've been 'thinking' about doing an extra page or two for a while now, and I may be on a roll, having made a start!

I'll be watching for your stand alone page soon?