Thursday, November 11, 2010

Allow me to introduce Albert.
 Bert to his mates.
Bert came to live with us last week. He is, apparently, our baby's new dog. The curious thing about this circumstance is that our baby is still in Canada - and will be for another couple of months. It would seem the wonders of modern technology know no bounds - one can procure a new dog from the other side of the world...even have it delivered to your parents...all with the click of a Facebook button! In case you're wondering, Bert is short for Albert, is short for Alberta, which is the Canadian Province our baby has been living and working in since March.

Happily for Bert...he is a sweetie. His dad is a German Shorthaired Pointer, his mum a working Kelpie cattle dog. The hope is that the cattle dog part will enable him to be a little bit useful working cattle...time will tell.

We took a little time out the other day and took him to the river for a swim...he thought I had placed my towel on the sand for him to dry off on...and proceeded to slide down the sand, somehow leaving the towel in place. It totally mystifyied me. As did his arrival!
But I'm glad he's gives me something to hug and talk to while I wait (not terribly patiently) for his master to come home...

Bert, meet your new owner...I know, it won't be right till you can sniff him...but he's a nice looking guy, isn't he? And his Mum misses him....lots. Not to mention she needs photos of him that aren't over a year old!


lynnbridge said...

Good lookin' dog and son!

All our pets and all our grown children's pets found us/them. We never go looking for a pet- they come to us. It is a wonderful plan.

Tracey said...

You're right Lynne - it saves a lot of hassle if they just appear on your doorstep!