Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Something I really enjoy is to pore over photographs of the spaces where others live and work...especially artist's studios.
I've recently been enjoying the latest edition of Studio's, published by the Cloth Paper Scissors magazine team. It inspired me to have a bit of a clean up and sort out a few problem areas in my own studio, and I thought that if I enjoy checking these things out...then maybe you would too.
So, welcome to a quick guided tour of my creating space...now with all the drawers labelled so I can lay my hand on everything at warp speed!

On my painting/collage desk pens, scissors and satay sticks occupy a funky mug all the way from West Yellowstone, Montana. I love the moose and the colours... Brushes live in a rectangular glass vase, with smaller ones in another bottle, adorned with some glass beads put together by my Mum. There's a gorgeous little deck of cards given to me by my special friend, Ralda...the one on top just now says: "Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished"

I just realised that this corner has a Ralda gift in it too! The mug holding my pliers has a bit of a girlfriend theme - I was broken hearted when it developed a crack and no longer held my morning tea...but eased my angst by realising it could be put to use here. The green page with the eyes is my most recent art journal page...I think there may be something revealing about my current state of mind here - if only I could work out just what it is!

This room is something of a haven from the clatter and confusion of daily life around here...filled with treasured books, journals, art work of my own, and - of more pleasure to me - many others. My Dad built the trolley you can see by the big window, a pew style seat and blanket box which serve as a spot to sit and contemplate, and the white shelf/hanging rack beside the sewing machine. My Mum decoupaged the old music case on top of the bookshelf - I'm just realising that it deserves a photo of it's own...you really can't see here how beautiful it is! There are photo frames from good friends, tiny ceramic drawers given to be by my husband's sister before she died...the more I look, the more special and wonderful things I find.

I'd love for this space to have a name...but haven't yet come up with one...have you got any suggestions?

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Gail said...

Oh can you come and do my room? Maybe not, I think I have way more stuff than you. It wouldn't fit so neatly in such a small space. But boy does it look gorgeous. "Treasured Haven".
Well done Tracey!!!!!