Friday, November 5, 2010

Fresh Eyes Get Busy In My Button Box

I was lucky to have my young friend Andrea visit the other day. Andrea shared her scarf knot with us all earlier in the year, and she is a clever little chicken, as is evidenced by this drop dead gorgeous necklace she made during her visit! We were chatting away in the studio, she spied my button box (in reality there are button boxes...) and wondered if she might string some of them up in to a necklace? Of course! So she set to work, with wire, buttons and beads... and look what she created! It was such a treat to watch her sift through the piles of buttons that have been sitting idle in those boxes for years (and when I say years - I mean generations!) and bring to life something as special and unique as this - something I would never have created with them in a million years!

There were buttons from dresses my Nana made 40, maybe 50 years ago, charms I've had in that box for well over 20 years...

And an earring I believe belonged to my Aunty Myrtle - long since having lost it's back, and a few 'stones' from the setting. All cast off's and bits and pieces that have been saved for "something someday"...but I've never done a thing with them. I'm thrilled that this beauty is out in the world now, and no longer shut away in a box!

One of my favourite things in the world is to watch someone else create - it's such a fascinating process, and each of us approach a pile of materials in a way that is totally unique to ourselves. We can learn such a lot, and have our thinking expanded considerably when we watch someone else's synapses firing.
Thanks, Andrea...I enjoyed watching your necklace take shape more than you know!


Hannah said...

Wow, Tracey, this a super piece! I love the way the beading winds in and out of the buttons. Do you think you or Andrea could create a few process shots to post? I'd love to try this with some of my stash.

Gail said...

Wow Tracey that is a cool necklace.!! Clever Andrea!!! It is amazing how we all have that special gift to create and how we see things in different ways. But!!! she was lucky that you had all that stuff otherwise that beautiful necklace would not have happened. lol See it paid off keeping all that. It gave Andrea a chance to create. Hey did I tell you that I think it is a beauty!!!!

Debbie said...

I heard that there were some fabulous things happening in your studio last week. Well there always is....but to have another clever girl to share with must have been a treat! Who would have ever thought that all those buttons and beads could end up looking so absolutly georgeous.
Keep up the good work! (Both of you) Love the Blog.

Tracey said...

I so appreciate all your comments!

Hannah, I like the idea of some process shots - will try to remember to take some when I next have the beautiful Andrea for a visit!'re right - it was really worth having those bits taking up space on my shelf for years and years!

And Debbie...hello!! What a buzz to have you comment here! And you're right - the sharing was a huge treat!