Thursday, May 19, 2011

Honouring The Ordinary

I recently stumbled across Brene Brown (the Internet holds endless wonders and discoveries, doesn't it?) whose research into the human condition is fascinating. A couple of videos of her TEDx talks are the worth the investment of your time (at least I felt they were worth the investment of mine!) The Power of Vulnerability and The Price of Invulnerability are thought provoking, heartwarming, and funny. She knows the 'stuff' we all do (and admits freely to doing it herself...makes her totally charming!) What I'm getting to here, is that she talks about the ways we can choose to live wholeheartedly, vulnerably... by, among other things, Practising Gratitude and Honouring the Ordinary. Which brings me to my point...Lately, I've been feeling a little less than enamoured with the ordinary (if I was totally honest with you - bored. Not bored as in nothing to do, bored as in uninspired, untouched and unimpressed). So, I set myself the task of looking at the ordinary with fresh eyes. A sunrise...very ordinary, in that there's one every day. But magical, and beautiful...I know I forget to notice that sometimes. Every day a new, fresh opportunity to appreciate things we take for granted.

My ordinary days include my family. With all the convivial chaos that that includes. And that makes me a lucky, lucky woman.

My ordinary environment looks like this...peaceful, quiet, yet solid and strong.

These guys visit my eucalyptus trees regularly. Some days, their chattering and partying can make it hard to think straight...but their enthusiasm is infectious.

One of my most favourite 'ordinary' things to do is write in my journal...a great place to practice gratitude. And one of the things I am grateful for is You. You honour me so greatly by giving up your time to stop by here and read my ruminations - Thank you!

Looking at your 'ordinary', and honouring it - recognising how special it really is - is something I thoroughly recommend....try it today.


ffutsstra56 said...

Hi Tracey, I had a friend who set the alarm on his watch so he could go and watch the sunset. No matter what he was doing, he would excuse himself and say I have to go. 'What have you got on? I 'm going to watch the Sunset!!' So cool I think as when you actually stop and look, the colours are amazing sometimes, breathtaking and if you turn your head in the opposite direction. Boy it's just not the horizon, sometime the whole sky is affected. Takes your breath away!!!
Love the photo of your fence, It does give you that strength feeling.
Do you give photography lessons??? lol You have some cool pics there.
I been making some more scarfs and they have been a bit hit, Thanks for sharing! and thanks for allowing us into the different aspects of your life on the property, I enjoy reading you blog.
How's the whispers going?
Have a great week. Cheers Gail :-)))

Tracey said...

Hi Gail!

Your comment made my morning! Thank you for taking a moment to 'talk' to me! I bet that friend of yours is an interesting bloke! I think that's fabulous...might borrow that idea myself!

I love photography..Feel a long way from accomplished enough to give lessons though! It gave me a buzz that you're enjoying my photos :) I have found that The Pioneer Woman blog (Ree Drummond is her name) has some terrific advice and plain english tips on some of the technical stuff...might be worth a look!

Good on you keeping up the scarf making...I'd love to see some photos one day!

Next Whispers installment due by the end of the month...much work awaits!! Will pop something up here when I finally get my head around it and do something (this one's tricking me up a bit!)

Take care!