Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Whispers Collaboration Continues....

A while back, we talked about the Whispers Collaboration. As I mentioned, I can't say too much - it's all top secret squirrel business! This page belongs to Shelly Fitzgibbons (you can find out a little bit about Shelly on the Artist Profile page of the Whispers blog), and I struggled for a while with the one clue on the clue book, and the page from the artist ahead of me...trying to figure out what her theme might be.

Once I settled on my decision, I needed an image - thanks to my young friend Nicki, who kindly agreed to pose for me; the piece was on it's way. What you see here is a small cropped segment from the larger piece...sorry I can't show you any more! It's harder than I ever imagined to keep this all hush-hush...and sniffing out the original artists theme may prove to become more and more challenging as the collaboration moves along, and we get further from the first artwork. But, I guess in the tradition of the game which was our inspiration - Chinese Whispers - it will be all the more entertaining if we get horribly off track!

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