Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Link with Love


Recently, I told you about my delighted discovery of Brene Brown (she who is responsible for me working on "Honouring the Ordinary"). Today, Brene linked to a blog which has made it it's business to address one of the Internets thorny problems - I think the direct quote from Kal Barteski of Link with Love explains it better than I ever could:

"Welcome to LINKwithlove.org.
It is our goal to inspire positive change in the way art, photography, design, words, music, film and ideas are shared on the Internet. We believe that intellectual property needs to be handled with love and respect. We believe in the goodness of people. We believe in the power of the Internet. We believe that Maya Angelou was absolutely right when she said "when you know better you do better."
We need your help. We need your support. Learn more. Spread the word. Post our badge on your sites to show that you LINK with love.
This is just the beginning.. "

As it happens, I have just today returned from the Textile Art Festival in Brisbane (from which I have much to share with you...), where I was once again reminded of the endless talent in the world, and sadly, also the ever present problem of artists hard work, so generously shared, being 'borrowed' and not credited - especially on the Internet. (Where I have written 'borrowed', you may be more accurate in substituting a stronger, less well intentioned sounding word!)

So, from today, my blog has a Link with Love button; because I believe that every artist should always be credited wherever their work is shown or shared - lovingly, respectfully and correctly...and if I ever overlook that here - please let me know.

And, do yourself a favour and check out Kal's blog - her work is beautiful!

Also, if I can tear myself away from the glorious bundles of goodies I have brought home from my trip - I'll share some photos and info here with you  soon.

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